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Talent Payments & Your Video

If you have been or are about to get involved with producing or commissioning a video for your company, there are many things you will deal with. Selection of the best video content production company, strategy, planning, shooting schedules and so on are just a few of them.But sooner or later you will be confronted with the issue of talent. These are the folks who appear on-camera or through their voice and represent your company and your brand.

Payment of these performers can get crazy complicated.I’m going to discuss some options that may help you out. The most important thing to note is that your professional video content company should handle most of this for you. But, in case they don’t or won’t, you need to be armed with information necessary to protect your company.

Basically, you have a couple of options when selecting talent for your corporate video. You can pick from your employees or hire professional performing talent or both. Each option has its pros and cons, and your decision will depend entirely on what type of video you’re shooting. This is right about the point where marketers tend to get stuck. I’ll delve into some of the pros and cons for each approach.

Employee Talent

Drawing on your employee pool is usually very convenient and can be a lot less daunting than dealing with hiring professional talent. There are also other benefits to using your employees.

Using employees is great when you need to put a face on your brand. The brand is not just a logo or a trademark; it’s the personality of your company. By using your employees – in their real-life roles – you can add natural credibility and authenticity to your video. Also, using real-life testimonials serves as a powerful form of storytelling and brand awareness.

On the other hand, not all employees are confident appearing on camera. Even the ones you think can’t miss can be a disappointing surprise. And that’s not their fault. They just aren’t professional actors. Often, twice the amount of employee involvement is needed to achieve the desired goals of the video project. This is because they require more time to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Professional Talent

Professional actors and actresses allow you to select exactly the right “look” or "sound" that supports your brand. By having the ability to audition, you can identify the people that precisely meet the needs for your project. Professional talent can provide a confident on-camera or voice over presence, too. There is also the ability to direct and focus their performance to help build your brand. And the use of professional talent provides longevity to the video by eliminating any concern for employee turnover.

There are a few drawbacks to consider when using professional talent. They aren’t familiar with your company or its processes, so they might not be comfortable communicating complex or technically challenging dialogue. It’s a good idea to have a subject matter expert on site during filming or in the studio during voice over recording to help with any mispronunciations. Cost is a concern, as well. Your professional video content company should communicate to you exactly the costs involved and get your agreement before making any talent commitments.


There are many situations where employees have the edge for credible on-camera delivery on a tight budget. But in some instances, investing in professional talent may be the best long term financial choice – for reasons that go beyond just the initial shoot costs. With careful pre-production and solid direction during the shoot, good talent – amateur or professional – can deliver great results. But the key is good direction and a solid strategy and point of view for your video. Make certain you are working with a professional video content production company. They will help guide your production through the finished product with few, if any, bumps in the road.

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